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Help Us Provide Bomb Shelters For Those Needing Protection in the City of Ashkelon!

Ps. 91:1.… He is the Hope that holds me and the stronghold to shelter me”…

In May 2021 we began receiving many videos of hundreds of rockets being fired into the city of Ashkelon and requests for prayer. This city located near the Gaza Strip is now an easier target for Hamas. Iran is now providing upgraded rockets to the Terrorists of Hamas, which have the ability to penetrate deeper into Israel. Many of the residents of Ashkelon live in old, substandard apartment buildings without bomb shelters. When the warning alarm goes off, they have only thirty seconds to reach a shelter or face death if they can’t reach one in time. As of August 2022, forty thousand residents of Ashkelon, (more than a quarter of the city’s population) have no place to run to safety. They need help! After speaking with our partners in the city, we began to pray about raising the $17,000 per shelter needed to provide for this project. Jacob’s Ladder will be working in conjunction with Operation Lifeshield to provide protected air raid shelters. These strong, steel-reinforced, pre-cast concrete fortified shelters and all-steel shelters are above-ground, fully-accessible structures, and meet the strictest standards of the IDF Home Front Command. Lifeshield shelters are transported by truck, and can be re-located to meet changing security needs. We’d like to start by placing five shelters over the next two years, if not sooner. We are planning to place the first one next to a family neighborhood with a playground area. Praise God, we have received some generous donations, and have more than half of the funds needed to place the first shelter! We only have $7000 left to raise! Hallelujah! Would you please consider donating to this amazing project? You will be helping save lives, bring hope and greatly bless the people of Ashkelon. To give click the donate button above and please write Bomb Shelter in the memo.

Together we can touch hurting hearts of Israeli children. These victims of relentless rocket attacks suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They need our help!

Through free concerts of peace & joy in Israel, we can bring hope & provide food & toys. $5,000 will help us reach 300 families. Your generous gift is tax deductible. To give just press the DONATE button..