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We are Reaching those affected by PTSD in hardest hit areas of Israel.


As you may already know, Israel faced a coordinated attack on Oct. 7, 2023, the early morning- of the last day of Sukkot. It included missiles and terrorists breaching the Israeli border in the Israeli communities next to the Gaza Strip. Since 2013, Jacob’s Ladder has reached out to people in this area, to bring comfort, hope and healing through music and prayer. In addition, we have funded tangible help personally and with humanitarian aid organizations in Sderot, Ashdod and Ashkelon!

The impact of these recent attacks has been devastating, with over 1,000 lives lost and thousands more injured or displaced. The situation is on-going, as missile attacks continue. Together with our partners in Israel we are helping the evacuated, and providing needed help directly, in this difficult time.

Please give now to offer vital assistance to Israelis in crisis, including:

  • Emergency Food: Providing nourishment to those in immediate need.
  • Essential Supplies: Ensuring families have access to critical items.
  • Trauma Support: Offering comfort and counseling for those traumatized.
  • Funding for Evacuation Accommodations: Helping families find safe shelter, replacing household needs destroyed during this crisis.
  • Family Support for IDF army personnel —many spouses and their….children have been evacuated for security reasons.

Thank you for your urgent support. Your generosity will make a significant impact on the lives of many Israelis affected by this crisis!

Why Give to Jacob’s Ladder?

For over 10 years, we have been reaching families affected with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), due to Hamas Rocket attacks, the hardest-hit area of Southern Israel. It is in the same area where whose borders Hamas Terrorists breached the border. Along with our partners in these cities, we have been able to provide ongoing humanitarian aid, and to set up needed bomb shelters in vulnerable areas. The Hamas attacks of Oct.7th have intensified the need for more help!

Humanitarian Aid Needed for Evacuees! Israel War –

Help Us Provide for them – Thousands of families that have had to evacuate, as Hamas
rockets continue to rain down. $5,000 will help us fund housing, meals and basic needs for 30 families. Your donation and is tax deductible.

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Ps. 91:1 He is the Hope that holds me and the stronghold to shelter me…”

Urgent Need for Bomb Shelters!

Bomb Shelters For those Needing Protection in the Cities of Sderot and Ashkelon!

Why we got Involved

In 2021 we received many videos of hundreds of rockets being fired into the city of Ashkelon, and the city of Sderot. These Israeli cities next to the Gaza Strip have been an easy target for Hamas terrorists. Having worked in these and other Israeli cities, we have personally heard the frightful sounds of missiles being fired, seen damaged buildings and the negative impact of trauma affecting many resulting in PTSD symptoms.

The Iranian government has been supplying Hamas terrorists with upgraded rockets that can penetrate deeper into Israel. Many residents live in old, substandard apartment buildings, lack shelters – and are vulnerable to attack, with no place to hide.

They have Only 15- 30 Seconds to Live.

When the warning alarm of rocket fire sounds, they have only 15 to 30 seconds to reach a shelter or face death. They need help!

Our Partners Said They Welcomed our Help to set up needed Shelters…

The areas most in need are elementary schools, and poor neighborhoods that lack shelters.

We recently raised $17,000 each for 2 needed shelters which have been built through our partnership with Operation Lifeshield, an Israeli non-profit based in Jerusalem. These prebuilt shelters are strong, steel-reinforced pre-cast concrete fortified to meet the strictest standards of the
IDF Home Front Command. The Lifeshield shelters are transported by truck to any location, as determined by the Command.

Our First Shelter in Sderot (painted shelter)

After our 1st shelter was ordered in May 21, 2023 it took only 14 days for this shelter to be set up. This shelter was placed in the Sderot outskirts, at Alonim Primary School on the school’s playground to protect the children when playing outdoors. Remember, in Sderot residents have only 15 seconds, after the alarm sounds, to run for cover. This is a Life Saving Shelter!

Many children in this area have some form of PTSD due to many years of bombing from Terrorists. The Shelter is painted because it’s easier for children to enter if its painted with a bright happy design.

2nd bomb shelter (see photo on the right) was built and set up during the Israel War, on Nov. 19, 2023 at Kibbutz Ruhama, in Southern Israel, 2.5 miles from the Gaza Border. It was placed in an elementary school, nearby other Kibbutzim that were penetrated on Oct. 7th! Our shelters are built quickly, are being set up in key strategic places. (It will be painted as well).

The 3rd and subsequent shelters need to be larger… To help fill in the great lack of shelters in Ashkelon, a city of 160,000 residents, the cost of $29,000. is needed for each shelter which will fit 50 adults + children.

70,000 residents were evacuated in Nov. 2023 Many simply had no place to “hide” when the alarm sounds.


Consider donating to this amazing Life Saving Shelter!

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