Relief To Rocket Impacted Cities

We are a community of believers driven by love and compassion for the hurting in Israel. Our focus is the 5 cities in the Negev closest to the Gaza Strip that are constantly the target of terrorists.  We personally go into these areas to bring practical, emotional, psychological and spiritual comfort and support to victims of relentless, sometimes daily rocket attacks.

Our humanitarian relief includes food and funds for rent, utilities and basic necessities for families.  We bring toys and holiday gifts to children to allow them some childhood normalcy.  We visit the sick in hospitals and the elderly at home.

Our music concerts counter the sirens and sounds of chaos to fill the atmosphere with images of hope for a future and the love of a Creator.   Many hearts, minds and bodies have been healed in our midst. Focusing on bringing healing through music and the art with a words of Hope to children and families with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Holocaust Survivor Support

We bring joy, comfort and hope to Holocaust survivors and elderly who are children of war throughout Israel.

Aliyah Support

Support to those making Aliyah that struggle financially or emotionally with the challenges of transitioning.

Support for People with Serious Illnesses.

At Jacob’s Ladder we encourage and help people that are in hospitals with serious illnesses offering prayer, music, therapy, and blessings.